I saw an article recently that asked the question “how can I get my parents to let me ride a motorcycle.” As a child of parents who were dead set against this type of behavior I can say with all honesty “you can’t.” There are however things you can do and avenues you can explore while you wait to grow up.

I was fascinated by motorcycles years before I threw a leg over one. I spent my teens riding my bicycle. My friends and I used to ride our bikes far and wide. Not only was it great fun and great exercise but it was good training for riding on the road.

I learned all I could about motorcycles. I was fixing my friends motorcycles long before I could ride because I had some mechanical skills. My parents got to know some of my friends and found them to be courteous and agreeable and not the social outcasts they expected. I also became acquainted with motorcycle maintenance and the problems that arise from ignoring it.

Because my room was filled with motorcycle magazines and posters, my parents couldn’t miss my obsession. As a parent myself, I know that we want to make our children happy and we can get caught up in their dreams and desires. It took years but my parents finally did resign themselves to the fact that they had a son that was going to ride motorcycles.

It cost me. I had to buy everything from money I earned. My first bike was a non-runner that I had to put together a couple of times. I earned it in other ways. I earned the trust of my parents by my treatment of cars, my choice of friends and my school work. (Well, maybe not my school work.) In the end we reach a grudging acceptance. If you are like me and you have parents that say “no” the good news is it won’t last forever.

One day you will be a responsible adult and you will be able to indulge in, what for me has been, the most amazing of sports. Just don’t go out and prove your parents right after all.