I have been giving a lot of thought lately to the question “what is the perfect motorcycle for me?” In the past the answer was usually whatever was on offer. As an avid fan of cruising the classified ads (I know I am showing my age) I have always found bikes that matched both my enthusiasm and my wallet.

Looking back the bikes that found me were bikes for their time but also bikes that matched a general criteria that holds true to this day. Personally I want a bike that is three things, comfortable enough to tour on if I want to hit the road, fun enough for when the road goes all curve and light enough to be parking lot friendly. I found such a bike in my Honda VFR800. For now, and at this time of my life it is my perfect ride but your perfect bike might be completely different.

There is nothing wrong with being enamored with a certain style bike. Years ago, as a middle school student, I fell in love with the bikes from a now defunct British motorcycle manufacturer. I saw some pictures in a glossy brochure and they looked like pure adventure to me. I have always liked the retro-styled bikes and have to admit admiring the new Yamaha SCR 950. It too looks like pure adventure. The best thing about today is there are motorcycles for every taste, riding style and budget.

At Maxim we have showroom full of bikes that can take you to work or to the arctic. We have bikes that you can win on Sunday or ride with your buddies over a long weekend. We have entry level bikes for the new rider and expert level sport bikes. From cruiser’s with attitude to full touring rigs with lot of luggage space Maxim can help you decide what bike is perfect for you.