Almost all of my best memories have a motorcycle in there somewhere. My first bike was a Honda SL125 that became my magic carpet. My family lived in north Dallas but our house was two blocks from a big power line easement. All I had to do was push that bike a couple of blocks and I could ride for miles only stopping to push the bike across streets. I didn’t dare ride it and risk a run in with the law. Granted, it was not very exciting terrain but it was my first taste of the freedom that a motorcycle could provide.

My son learned to ride on a very well used Honda XL100. It was a typical kid’s bike that had been ridden into the ground. This unfortunate model had also been spray painted blue with over spray on the seat, the frame and the engine. I reworked the engine while my son, with great care and armed with cleaners and steel wool, cleaned all that blue paint off the bike.

We live in the country, with access to some land, and he rode that little bike all over. He rode with friends, he rode by himself and he rode with me. Once, when he was first learning to ride, I went with him down to the land. I turned my bike off and just sat and watched him race around the field. Finally, he rode up next to me with concern. He said “Dad! What’s wrong? You are not riding and having fun?” I reassured him that I was indeed having a blast watching him tear it up. It remains one of my top moments in my life.

Throughout my life, I have had motorcycles, of all kinds. They all have stories. There were cross country rides, severe weather, camp outs, racing, and good friends. There was the time I took my mom for a ride around the block. All in all my fondest memories all have a motorcycle in them. Ask anyone at Maxim and they will tell you the same. We never lose sight of what we are about. Every product we sell, from our Waverunners, our ATVs, side by sides and, of course, our motorcycles are the start of some great and lasting memories. What could be better than that?