Honda invented the fun bike with the introduction of the 50cc Monkey bike. It was brilliant. They put a proven little, over head cam, four stroke motor in a pint sized bike and magic happened. At least every kid in the world wanted one. Many of us are riding today because of these bikes.

Just because they are small does not mean they don’t need respect. They are a little like Shetland ponies. They are small, fun and cute but they can bite you. Case in point, I had just gotten the bike you see in the picture below running well enough to take it for a spin around my ample yard. As I headed for a stop I grappled with the shifter and I got my rather large shoe caught between the foot peg and the ground. The toe of my shoe was dragging the ground and it trapped my foot on the peg.

As I slowed it became evident that I was unable to put a foot down. I did the only thing I could do. I stopped and as I did so I fell over and just layed on the ground for a second taking stock of the situation.

A tiny sense of fear began to take hold of me. “What if I had broken my arm? My wife would kill me and on a toy bike too.” I pulled myself out from under the little bike as quickly as i could. No broken bones. That was good and the fact that no one witnessed my crash was even better. The moral of this story is a little play bike can get you hurt so treat them with the same respect you would a big bike and, by all means, have fun.