The rain has moved out and the weather has warmed up. That’s a good thing. Riding is becoming more comfortable when it’s warm but too soon we will be faced with the truly hot days of summer. We spend so much time gearing up for the cold that we forget that it is just as important to be properly covered for hot weather riding.

The human body cools by evaporation of sweat. When water evaporates, it cools down. This cools the skin which cools the blood, which cools down the whole body. In hotter weather, with a rider blasted by hot air, this cooling becomes very inefficient. The higher the temperature, the harder it is for the body to shed this excess heat. Riding in a summer weight jacket aids cooling by slowing the flow of air over the skin. Covering your skin insulates it from the harsh summer sun and traps moisture that aids cooling. It also keeps your skin safe in case of a fall.

A wet bandana around the neck aids cooling of the blood that runs through the major arteries in the neck. Gloves protect your hands and good, sturdy but light weight boots keep your feet comfortable. Above all, drinking plenty of water. Your body can’t stay cool if it doesn’t have the proper supplies. Ride smart and cool this summer.