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What is a 360fly action camera? A normal camera, like your point and shoot GoPro or cell phone shoots one picture in one direction. The 360fly Action Camera shoots a panorama around a 360 degree lens. It’s like a single eye recording everything in its field of vision. Mount it on your helmet and you’ll record everything above and on all sides of you and your bike.

Once you capture the video on the 360fly, you send the footage back to the app on your phone. You can view it like a regular video but you can move your phone around to see different parts of the 360-degree capture. The shot and the viewer make it just like being there. For instance, if you hold the phone in front of you can see straight ahead. If you spin the phone around you can see behind you.

You can even use a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) viewer. Just put the app into VR mode and then, as you move your head around, the screen just shows the point of view you’d be looking at if you were actually there inside the scene.
It is easy to share your 360 videos online using only your phone. You can use the 360fly app to edit your clips and then publish them to Twitter or Facebook.

For deeper sharing, upload your clips to the 360fly website using your computer. The site will automatically generate an embedded code for you, so posting the scene to your own blog is as easy as embedding a YouTube clip, only viewers are given the ability to freely scroll through a scene in full 360 degrees, exploring virtually any point of view.

If you are a GoPro user and you have GoPro mounts all over your bike and helmet then you are in luck. The 360fly takes the same mounting system as a GoPro camera. If you want to take your pictures to the next level or if you want to experiment with VR then you should definitely get a 360fly. You don’t have to go all over town to find one. We have them in stock at Maxim.