Olympia Airglide 4 jackets and Airglide 3 pants

In the month of February, Maxim Honda Yamaha has Olympia Airglide 4 jackets and Airglide 3 pants on sale for 30% OFF. This is a great deal and I will tell you why. Summer or winter I live in my Olympia Airglide riding gear. Wearing my Olympia Airglide jacket and pants in the winter is a sure thing. The waterproof liner blocks the wind and keeps me warm but what about the summer? The warm weather is when the Olympia Airglide really shines. With venting and open mesh panels the Olympia Airglide combines the armor protection necessary for great riding gear with the cooling effects of a much lighter pant and jacket. In the hottest Texas summer weather my Olympia Airglide pants are as cool as riding in shorts and oh, so much more practical. The Olympia Airglide gear can take you from just over freezing all the way to temperatures over 100 degrees. That’s a pretty versatile suit if you ask me. I travel with mine and pretty much live in it on the road but it is more than a traveling suit. I can slip it on over street clothes if I need to do that. I can wear the jacket and pants over light undergarments if I want all day riding comfort. Sometimes you can ride over mountain passes and the temperatures drop more than 20 degrees. The Olympia Airglide is perfect for this. I just zip up and I am comfortable. So far I have not had to test the durability of the Olympia Airglide safety features but there are plenty of riders who have. You can check out the testimonials at the Olympia site. Do not wait to take advantage of Maxim’s Olympia Airglide sale. When the current stock is gone the sale is over.