Gyde Supply & Gerbing'sIn 1975 a man named Gordon Gerbing decided there had to be a better way to ride a bike in cold weather. He set about developing and perfecting heated thermovelocity gear for riders that did not want to stop riding just because it gets a little cool. Today Gerbing’s tradition of innovation is carried by the Gyde Supply and offered to you by Maxim Honda Yamaha.

They start the process by sewing a Microwire onto a special pad to create the heat. The pads are then sewn into the piece of clothing and surrounded by a microfiber insulation to hold the heat in next to the rider. Currently, the company uses a waterproof nanowire material that is sewn into their clothing and incorporates plugs and connections for a better look while providing optimal heat in cold riding conditions.

Every year Gerbing brings new ideas to life and creates superior products that combine leading technologies with patented materials and designs to form clothing that performs for the wearer. Their latest innovation is the Gyde Thermogauge 12V Bluetooth Controller. This allows you to control temperature with your smart phone!

Gyde has taken the Powered by Gerbing Microwire technology a step further by adding wireless heat control. They have developed the Bluetooth powered Thermogauge adapter plus a user friendly app for your iOS or Android device. Now you can pair multiple 7 volt or 12 volt garments and seamlessly manage your heat at any time and any place right on your smartphone. In short, Maxim Honda Yamaha has the latest heated gear that feature:

  • Wireless control of the heat within each garment through four optimized heat settings
  • Once temperature is set, the Thermogauge will maintain that temperature throughout use (12V only)
  • Compatible with virtually all 12V Motorcycle Heated Products/Brands