Employee Choice Gifts: Fox Gear Bags 10% off

December 18th, 2015

Kaitlyn B.

All Fox gear bags in stock 10% off 

used bikes 002

Whether you’re a committed racer or a weekend warrior a quality gear bag is a necessity. Gear bags that are large enough to accommodate helmets, boots, goggles, gloves, knee braces, chest protector, etc. make packing for the races much easier. Luckily for us Fox Racing has everything you would want in a gear bag and more.  Fox has integrated essential features that make their gear bags stand out from the rest and offer high functionality for track days. Adding all your protective gear in a bag can certainly make it heavy which is why Fox has the option of a gear bag with wheels. Additionally if you prefer to have no wheels Fox offers a large shoulder strap to ease the load of carrying such a heavy bag. Changing at the track is made easy with the roll out style mat so you never have worry about dirty socks. Let’s face it gear bags can get pretty nasty if we leave our dirty gear in for even a short period of time. Fox has a solution for this problem simply by adding vents in both the boot pocket and the extra side pocket. With a wide range of prices and styles available selecting a Fox gear bag as a gift is always a good choice. Plus these bags will be 10% off until the New Year. 

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