SL125 Honda Like My Old One

I was bitten by the motorcycle bug in the 7th grade. I was sitting in my English class when a friend passed a booklet to me under the table. I would never be the same. It was the full Triumph model catalog for 1974. Each page folding out as a single 11” x 17” color image and each page displayed a picture, in full color, of one bike only. From the T150 Hurricane to the 500 cc Trophy Trail it was an exciting introduction into, what looked to me like, a world of pure adventure. From that time on I knew I had to have a motorcycle.

A school mate sold me a well used and broken Honda SL125 that he had ridden to death. I shelled out my entire college savings fund of $90 to purchase that bike. I also braved the wrath of my parents who saw in that bike the seeds of my destruction. I fixed that sad little motorcycle and learned a lot along the way. For the attention I gave it, I was paid back many times over. We lived several blocks from a power line easement that cut a path through North Dallas. It was a dirt bike highway allowing for miles of off road riding with only the occasional busy street to push across. It became my joy, my magic carpet and my ticket to adventure.

Many years and many bikes later I still get that feeling when I ride. I ride because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

One Response to Motorcycle Remembrances

  • I have been mad for motorcycles all my life and i enjoyed this article very much. I reminded me of my early days learning to ride and finding old motorcycles that I could fix up and ride. I was always looking for bikes in my budget range.

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